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DRIP Starter Services

Dollar-Based Brokerage Services

    Buy Stocks for $4 at ShareBuilder. A brokerage firm designed for long-term, buy and hold investors, for anyone who looking for a simple, flexible and affordable way to invest in the stock market. This service lets you make automatic periodic investments in over 4,000 companies with no minimum investment amount at a low monthly fee of $12.00, and the ability to buy fractional shares.

    BUYandHOLD. Online service that provides access to the stock market in an inexpensive and educational manner by making online investing easy, fun and practical for all levels of income, experience and objectives. No minimum investment amount, with fees as low as $6.99 per month, and the ability to buy fractional shares.

    FolioFN. Build your own custom portfolio and purchase up to 50 securities in a single transaction. Pay a low flat fee and trade commission-free, or pay as you go with a low-cost transactional plan.

    MyStockFund. Build your own diversified stock portfolio through monthly dollar-based investing. This online stock service and discount broker allows you to set-up an automatic and regular investment program. With dollar-based investing, you can build a diversified folio through fractional share purchases in the companies across a variety of industries, investing as little as $10 per stock monthly.

Single Share & Direct Purchase Services

    Computershare Limited. An online service and information resource for listed companies and the largest and only global share registry/transfer agent, managing more than 68 million shareholder accounts for over 7,500 corporations in nine countries on five continents.

    First Chicago Trust Company. Information about their DirectSERVICE Investment Plans which allow individual investors to purchase their first share of stock directly through a company.

    First Share. This organization acts as a cooperative: members agree to sell a share to another member for each share they purchase.

    Frame-A-Stock. Allows you to purchase just one share of stock for yourself or as a gift. Each stock certificate comes in a frame with a custom engraved plaque.

    OneShare.comThe site that allows everyone to give stock ownership as a gift. OneShare.com allows anyone to purchase a custom framed share of stock in his or her favorite company. Disney, Microsoft, Harley, Coke, Apple, and the WWF are just some of their gift giving favorites.