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    DRIP Advisor. Will help you take advantage of the exceptional returns in individual stocks using DRIPs. Also provides the DRIP Investment Calculator to improve the returns on your DRIP investments by 15-25% over the long term. (Inactive.)

    DRIP Investing Resource Center. Links, articles, message boards, and tools for DRIP investors.

    DRIP.net. Basic information about DRIP investing.

    Investment Account Manager. Keep accurate records of your DRIP investments with Investment Account Manager software. This comprehensive personal portfolio manager programn is designed to provide detailed accounting for investment transactions (such as buys, sells, income, reinvestments, etc.) for a variety of investments. It will track your personal investments in Stocks, Mutual Funds, T-Bills, Bonds, Cash, or and automatically updates stock prices from on-line services. Reports can be printed recording the full history of your portfolio, or for a specific period of time including industry and company size breakdowns and return calculations. The transaction report provides an overview of your purchases, sales and dividend reinvestments.

    The Motley Fool. Information about DRIPs and a model DRIP portfolio are offered by the Fools.

    No Load Stocks. Listings and information about no-load stocks.