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    DRIPInvestor.com. DRIP Investor is the web site for the DRIP Investor newsletter, written by DRIP expert Charles Carlson, CFA. The web site discusses the basics of DRIPs and provides information on Mr. Carlson's newsletter and books. The site also houses the Direct Stock Purchase Plan Clearinghouse, a one-stop source to obtain enrollment information to join direct stock purchase plans.

    DRIP Investor Newsletter. Buying quality stocks has never been so easy, or so cheap! Learn how to invest in solid blue-chip companies without paying broker fees in the DRIP Investor newsletter, the only newsletter dedicated to educating individual investors about the huge profit opportunities offered by Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs). Long-term investors who understand the power every dollar invested can have on a portfolio will find DRIP Investor to be an invaluable tool. DRIP Investor teaches investors how to avoid paying commission fees, but stocks at discount prices, and receive special shareholder privileges.