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    All About DRIPs and DSPs. By George C. Fisher. The numbers are astonishing: of the 45 million Americans who invest in today's stock market, only 5 million realize they can invest commission-free through dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs) and direct stock purchase plans (DSPs). But as more and more investors clamor to cut costs and take control of their own portfolio decisions, this number is destined to rise--dramatically! All About DRIPs and DSPs tells investors everything they need to know about where to find direct investment opportunities, and how to profit from their affordable compounding benefits. Author George Fisher--a pioneer of more than 30 years investing in DRIPs and DSPs--discusses today's top 100 DRIP/DSP companies, advice for building a personalized, diversified mutual fund, how to use PEG (price to earnings growth ratio) to identify superior long-term opportunities.

    Directory of Companies Offering Dividend Reinvestment Plans (18th Edition). By Sumie Kinoshita. Lists 1,070 companies that offer shareholders the opportunity to reinvest their dividends. Most also allow shareholders to send in optional cash payments from as low as $10 a month to as much as $60,000 a year. The directory lays out the many features of each individual plan--whether it charges fees for purchases of shares, whether it gives you a discount on purchases, whether it allows you to buy your initial shares directly from the company without going to a broker. Also, an important aspect of buying stock is an exit strategy. The directory spells out whether the plan allows you to sell shares through the plan. Otherwise you would have to request certificates and then go to a broker to sell the shares.

    The Dividend Investor: A Safe and Sure Way to Beat the Market with High-Yield Dividend Stocks. by Harvey C. Knowles, III. A step-by-step method to implement the strategy, as well as detailed research on the long-term performance of dividend-yielding stocks. It provides investors with a safe and effective system for beating the stock market. A real gem for dividend investors.

    Buying Stocks Without A Broker. By Charles Carlson. The penultimate guide to DRIP investing. Starting with $10 to $25 a month, investors can buy stock in many of America's leading public companies, and this book will tell you how. Buying Stocks Without a Broker lists over 1,000 DRIPs with details on each plan, as well as model DRIP portfolios and corporate profiles. The book outlines the many ways of getting started in dividend reinvestment plans, including brokers and other DRIP-starter programs. Carlson's demonstrates how DRIP investing can lead to long-term financial success for individual investors who don't have thousands of dollars to pour into stocks all at once.

    The Dividend Rich Investor: Building Wealth With High-Quality, Dividend-Paying Stocks by Joseph Tigue and Joseph Lisanti, Standard & Poor's. This books is S&P's official word on dividend-rich investing. This invaluable resource distills Standard & Poor's successful dividend investment philosophy into a user-friendly guide for the individual investor. the authors, both editors of Standard & Poor's high-rated investment newsletter, The Outlook, tell readers why dividends are a vital part of the investment equation, what to look for in a dividend-paying stock, which stocks are the dividend leaders, and who successfully uses dividends as a stock picking tool.

    Free Lunch on Wall Street: Perks, Freebies, and Giveaways for Investors. By Charles Carlson. Who says small investors never get a break? Here's a wealth of mouth-watering perks they can all enjoy--from the bestselling author of Buying Stocks Without a Broker. Carlson identifies the leaders of the perks and tells how to buy stocks at a discount, build clout, cut out brokers, and more.

    Julie and Debbie's Guide to Getting Rich on Just $10 a Week: How We're Making a Fortune-And You Can Too-Using Dividend Re-Investment Plans. By Deborah Rosen Barker and Julie Behr Zimmerman. Designed for first-time investors and anyone who ever thought investing was too complicated, this easy-to-follow guide--in the tradition of The Beardstown Ladies' Commonsense Investment Guide--provides everything you need to know to start investing without a broker.

    How to Buy Stocks Factory Direct and Save. by L. Cleaves McCulla and Neil Larson. Over 800 companies which offer direct purchasing of their stock sans commissions provide consumers with the ability to purchase stocks direct.

    The Individual Investor Revolution. By Charles Carlson. Anyone can become a blue-chip stock investor: you can do it with $50 a month, little or no money up front, no fees, and--best of all--no broker.

    Eight Steps to Seven Figures: The Investment Strategies of Everyday Millionaires and How You Can Become Wealthy Too By Charles Carlson. Here's a book that tells the stories of 170 regular, middle-class folks who made millions by investing in the stock market. The long-term stock market techniques that Carlson uncovers are perfect for DRIP investing.

    No-Load Stocks: How to Buy Your First Share and Every Share Directly from the Company--With No Brokers Fee. By Charles Carlson. Complete information on more than 100 companies offering direct investment programs, including reports on every no-load stock complete with phone numbers, business profiles, financial information and exclusive performance ratings.

    Standard and Poor's Stock and Bond Guide, 2001 Edition. High dividends are one of the key factors sought by investors when judging the value of a stock. In this annual guide, Standard & Poor's, the world's most reliable name in investing, compiles easy-to-find, easy-to-understand data for investors at all levels.

    The Individual Investor's Guide to Dividend Reinvestment Plans. From the American Association of Individual Investors. List Price: $10.00.